If you wish to engage our services, we will not negotiate our fees.  This is due to the need to provide our existing clients with the high service standard that they expect and we wish to provide. We cannot do this if you do not value the work we do as we have to restrict the size of our client base. As a guide, our fees now start at £2,400pa with a monthly payment on account of £200.00

Please do not ask us to quote, as to do so, means you cannot afford our fees as we do not want to have you as a client.  It is time consuming for both you and us, if we are not a good “fit” and not able to work together.

If we accept you as a “new” client, we expect you to pay a monthly amount starting from the beginning and not the end of  your trading  period or tax year.  If you come to us late, we expect you to pay the missing arrears, and we will also add a surcharge for not coming to us sooner.

The monthly amount is just a guide of what we expect your annual fee will be, and if subsequently it is not sufficient to cover the work we need to do provide you with the service which is needed to our high standards, we will ask you to increase the monthly amount and pay and settle the final amount.  You would not ask another professional to carry out work for you and not expect to pay them for doing it, or tell them it does not need to be done properly, so the fees should be less. Quotes are only a guide and not set in stone.

If you need an Accountant, who just completes forms with the figures you provide, we are not the Accountants for you. We expect to work using accurate and provable figures, and will charge additional fees if we find your records are not up to our minimum standard.