How Iris Kashflow could save you even more time

December 12, 2018 Off By Robert

If you regularly invoice your customers with the same amount and with the same frequency then Kashflow could save you a lot of time.

It has a feature which will automatically create sales invoices for a specified amount and with a specified frequency. It can also email a copy of the invoice to your customer without you having to do anything.

This “Repeat Invoices” facility can be found by clicking on the “Invoices” button on the left side of the home page. You then have to click on the black and white “Repeat Invoices” button at the top of the next screen and then click on the pink “Create a Repeat Invoice” button. You’ll be prompted to select your customer, the amount you want to be invoiced and the frequency etc. If you want to see more detailed information on the set-up process then please click on

As Kashflow is also able to communicate with several Payment Processors such as PayPal, Go Cardless and Stripe, you could potentially save yourself even more time.

If you joined up with Go Cardless , who I understand offer the most streamlined service for Kashflow users, and once your customer has approved your Direct Debit mandate, Kashflow will automatically, at regular intervals,

1. Create your sales invoice
2. It will email the invoice to your customer
3. It will also email your customer informing them you’ll be collecting the invoice value by direct debit.
4. It will contact the Payment Processor and instruct them to collect the money
5. The Payment Processor will collect the money and pay it to you, less their fee off course!
6. And Kashflow will then automatically allocate the money you’ve received to the correct customer and to the correct invoice.

It’ll do all of this and, apart from the initial set up work, you won’t have to do a thing!

If you’re interested in these features instructions on the how to join a Payment Processor can be and a full list of compatible Payment Processors are listed in the “Receiving Payments” section in “Settings”.




If you wish to make sure you are doing this correctly, why don’t you book yourself a training session with us so we can make sure you can do it correctly?