How you can save yourself time when using IRIS KashFlow

November 28, 2018 Off By Robert

If you’re not a fan of inputting bank transactions into Kashflow it has a very easy to use facility that lets you import the transactions instead. If you’re currently inputting 50 transactions a month importing them instead could save you between one and two hours. There’s also the elimination of most types of human error if transactions are imported.

Below is a step by step guide on how to carry out the import. Please note these instructions don’t cover bank transactions related to invoices on either your sales or purchase ledgers. If you’re interested in how to import these types of transactions, or how to just import sales and purchase invoices (yes, Kashlfow can do that as well), then please telephone us on 01420 550 050

1. Download a statement from your bank in csv format. csv files look very similar to excel and usually with internet banking you have the option of choosing to download either a pdf file or a csv file.

2. Arrange the data in the csv file so the columns are from left to right
1) Money In
2) Money out
3) Date
4) Description

3. Each column needs a header so the computer knows “what’s what”. Here’s how the csv file should look. It’s important that the wording of the headers are identical to those in the table below

2. Save the file as a .csv file (when you’re saving the file use the “Save as Type” option just below where you give the file a name, select CSV).

3. Go to Kashflow and, for the bank account you want to work on, press the “Import” button.

4. Where it says “select a file to upload”, press the magnifying glass symbol and select the file you just saved as a CSV file.

5. Once you’ve selected the file click on “Upload”. The computer will then upload the transactions to Kashflow.

6. If you scroll the screen downwards you’ll see the transactions you just imported.

7. You now have to tell Kashflow what to do with each transaction e.g. is it income received or a cost for travelling for example.

8 You have to deal with each transaction one by one. For each transaction you have to start by pressing the red button that says “match”.

9. At the top of the new form that appears press “create”.

10 Where it says “purchase” in the drop down box, change that to “transaction”.

11. Then using the drop-down box on the right select the account you want the transaction to go to. For example if the transaction is a receipt for some work carried out select “sales” or whatever is appropriate for your accounts. You should then press the red “create” button. To get to the account quicker you can type the name in and the machine will narrow down the choices.

12. Once all the transactions have been “matched” then press the “Import Now” button on the top RH side of the screen.

13. The transactions will be imported into Kashflow

Of course, if you wish to make sure you are doing this correctly, why don’t you book yourself a training session with us so we can make sure you can do it with ease.