Iris Kashflow – More than just Cloud Accounting

October 3, 2018 Off By Frauke

Golding & Associates has been using Iris Kashflow for many years as a option for clients who would prefer to use a Cloud Accounting system to maintain their accounting records.

Cloud accounting systems provide the opportunity to update Accounting records anywhere and on any device, even a Mac. Over the years, we have watch this Accounting system become more than a accounting package. This was one of the reasons we made the decision to become a partner of Iris Kashflow and provide additional help for our client businesses.

We are going to add a series of Blogs on some of the many useful features which Iris Kashflow has built in to assist a business, as too often clients only learn to use small parts of it, as they believe its is just there to provide the accounting figures for us their accountants. We would be happy to help clients and their businesses to use the additional facilities which the software provides.

From April 2019, the biggest tax change for many years – MTD (Making Tax Digital) is being implemented to give the UK a fully digitalised tax system by 2020. The “new and improved” tax system will require the majority of business owners to maintain digital records using compatible software.

Although MTD has already been introduced on a voluntary basis, MTD will start with all VAT registered businesses. They will be mandated to use the MTD to meet their VAT obligation from April 2019. Iris Kashflow is ready for MTD, so this is the perfect opportunity to start using Iris Kashflow for MTD, as well as using as many of its additional useful business functions.

If you want to try Iris Kashflow, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial by going to our “Client Login” page.