We’ve joined Kashflow’s Partner Program!

September 5, 2018 Off By Robert

We’re delighted to announce that Golding & Associates has joined the Partnership Program of one of the UK’s leading providers of cloud bookkeeping, Auto Enrolment and payroll software.

By teaming up with Kashflow, we aim to offer our clients many of the benefits it offers.

One such benefit is free access to IRIS OpenSpace. OpenSpace is a safe, simple and secure tool where we will be able to share documents with our clients and also get client approval electronically. OpenSpace also eliminates the need to worry about protecting your data as it offers the same level of encryption and authentication you’d expect from online banking.

Another exciting development by Kashflow is their mobile app-led service called SNAP.  With SNAP you simply take a photo of any business record, such as a supplier’s invoice, and the service will not only safely store an image of the record but also create the necessary transaction in Kashflow. This should, amongst other benefits, reduce lost paperwork, improve the accuracy of the accounts but most importantly, give our clients more time to do what they’re best at, running their own businesses. SNAP does have a price tag, however with the improvement in accuracy and less need to chase for paperwork, it is possible our fees would reduce (slightly) as a result, partially offsetting SNAP’s price tag, if used well.

Now that Golding & Associates have partnered with Kashflow we will be seeking to become Kashflow accredited. We hope our increased expertise will result in an even better experience for our clients when they use Kashflow software.